Monday, November 22, 2010

The Book Signing was a Success!

On November 13, Carol Roeda Studio at Breton Village hosted a book signing for Faye Knol, author of Receiving David. Carol designed a hand-painted pineapple for the occasion and had the word "friends" available for purchase. She donated 100% of the proceeds to Friendship Ministries, a organization dear to Faye. Friendship Ministries seeks to share God's love to people with intellectual disabilities. At the end of the day, we donated $1,122!

Faye's son, David, was born dangerously premature in 1982 and wasn’t expected to live more than a few hours. Remarkably, he not only survived but also went on to live a life full of joy and blessing, despite severe physical and intellectual disabilities.

Now, years later, David’s mother tells his story. Through touching anecdotes and poignant recollections, Faye Knol shares the lessons that David taught those around him during his twenty-two years, reminding all of us that one person — even facing great obstacles — can profoundly impact a family and a community. Warmth, laughter, pain, and passion shine through this mother’s inspiring memoir about her son.
Carol and Faye just before the doors opened!
We served pineapple, David's favorite food.

"David loved pineapple for the sound of the word, and, for the fact that it came in different forms. Chunks, slices, tidbits, crushed......he thrilled to hear, and say each of those words. Although he wasn't much interested in eating pineapple, smelling and feeling and talking about pineapple brought him great pleasure! Saturday was Pineapple Day at our house for many years - the day he could make his weekly choice, after discussing and debating the coming decision for days.”

It is also a symbol of hospitality.
Carol greeted people at the door.
We sold 82 books and many people brought several of their own copies for Faye to sign. Faye signed non-stop for 2 hours! We still have some signed copies in the store! Come in and get yours. The book is wonderful.
Carol's granddaughter, Natalie, made bookmarks for the occasion!
The store was packed with Faye's fans and supporters of Friendship Ministries!

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