Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dancing with the Stars!

Carol and Pamela have both been on Dancing with the Stars!

We've received lots of messages from our fans that they spotted Carol's Girl Garden Dancer innocently dancing behind Pamela at the dance studio.

If you ever see Carol's art in an unexpected place, let us know! We'd love to hear about it.

Scrapbooking with Magnets

Carol considers her artwork "scrapbooking with magnets." Rather than (or in addition to!) adorning your family photos in an archival scrapbook, Carol suggests you adorn your family photos with her hand painted magnet embellishments. It's easy to do and easy to change with the seasons, to update for a holiday or to transform on a whim! These are a few of Carol's latest creations. Add a piece of your favorite scrapbook paper to one of her memo boards and transform the image! Have fun and send us a picture of your lastest creation.


Did you see those plates full of dried paint? Those are the "down and dirty" palettes the painters at Carol Roeda Studio use. After days of pouring and mixing paint, the plates are literally filled to overflowing. After the paint dries and the full plate is no longer useable, a couple of our ingenious painters take them home. Out of these heavy but colorful disks of color they create their own line of jewelry called MuddPuddle. You can see all your favorite Carol Roeda paint colors right there in the individual beads. Isn’t that amazing?

Welcome to Carol Roeda Studio

Welcome to Carol Roeda Studio!

We've been so busy this spring at the studio, and we are excited to share with you some of the behind the scenes, creative stuff that happens at the studio....the Down & Dirty Studio as Carol refers to it. It’s where we paint, ship and design the thousands of products that fill our stores. This down and dirty studio is in Grand Rapids, in the low rent district. It’s ugly, beige and made of cinder blocks. You’d never guess driving by that it’s full of Carol’s colorful artwork and full of her great employees!

We’ve posted a few pictures of the studio. Carol is right--it is a bit dirty. But you’ll see from the pictures, it is also full of color and creativity!

Although we’d love to have a few visitors at the Down & Dirty Studio, we suggest you visit the stores where the chance of getting paint on your pretty sweater is greatly reduced!

Ann Arbor: 319 S. Main Street - 734.904.4909

Grand Rapids: 1882 Breton Road - 616.285.0924