Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Transformation! Carol's new store!

Can Carol create Whimsy out of Chaos? We shall see!

Stephanie, one of our great sales associates, unpacking boxes. There were lots of them. We kept her very busy!

Carol's son, Paul, painting the sales counter.

After a couple weeks of hard work, the doors are open and we are ready for business!

This is Carol's mission. She hopes you'll make it yours too.

The finished sales counter!

The store is full of wonderful things to see. Come explore!

Amazing photographs by Melissa Diekema Photography add drama to the store.

Two hard working women: Marie and Carol. Food and Craft. Could you ask for a better combination? The big question is: do you shop first or eat first?

Anne, the store manager, with our first customer, Kristen! Kristen stopped by after getting her morning coffee at Marie Catrib's.


  1. Congratulations Carol.The store looks fabulous. The world is truly a more beautiful place because of what you do. I am proud to be an "old" friend. Blessings, Nancy Rottschafer

  2. Met friends for dinner at Catrib's last night and was delighted to peruse the new store for the opening reception. Beautiful!