Friday, June 18, 2010

Center of the Universe!

Carol is pleased to announce she'll be opening a new store in East Hills in Grand Rapids, at the corner of Lake and Diamond. It's right next door to Carol's favorite restaurant, Marie Catrib's, and just a few feet away from all the great shops on Cherry Street. This store is in addition to her store at Breton Village!

Carol plans on opening the store September 1 and she has a lot to do! We will keep you posted as we begin to design the space, fill it up with Carol's colorful art, and open the doors for customers--both old and new.

As for the clues:

UMBRELLA: the building in which Carol is leasing has a RAIN GARDEN--in addition to a Roof Garden. The building is LEED certified, which means it was designed for sustainability and with a sensitivity regarding its environmental impact. This information leads us to 2 other clues:
BIKE: there is plenty of Bike parking at Carol's new location! Leave your car at home!
CAR: there is even special parking for cars that use "Alternative Fuel!" This is just one more reason to buy that Prius you've been eyeing. Easy parking at Carol Roeda Studio!
STARS: the nickname of Carol's new neighborhood is Center of the Universe! We couldn't agree more. There are so many great things happening in the neighborhood. We are proud to be a part of it!
BOAT on WATER: 1005 LAKE Drive is Carol's new address. It's west of Eastown and East of downtown. I think it sounds like the center of the universe, don't you?

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