Friday, May 14, 2010

Carol goes Antique Shopping!

Carol and Phil Peterson, the talented guy that helps Carol with her store displays, went digging & picking through the back rooms of local antique shops a couple weeks ago looking for inspiration.

Carol and Phil then met at the Breton Village store and transformed the store windows with their great finds. Any chance you've got something rusty in your garage that might look great with some of Carol's whimsical artwork attached to it?

And what about that refrigerator she bought (with cash because they didn't take credit cards) at Modern Appliance? Transform your cluttered refrigerator into a piece of art with Carol's magnets!

Carol also saw some of HER artwork at one of the antique shops! She ended up not buying it...So one of you might find a Carol Roeda classic out there for a good price! Aren't things supposed to go up in value?

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